Greetings! You have found the Athasian Cartographer's Guild, hosted by The site for all material regarding the mapping and exploration of Athas.

The Athasian Cartographers are a guild of freemen whose passion is mapping out the sands of Athas and uncovering the forgotten secrets and histories buried in the wastelands. The guild is beholden to no specific political power, neither Sorcerer King nor Merchant House, though individual members may be funded in their efforts by anyone. It is said that the Wanderer is a member of this organization (if so, perhaps the most famous and widely traveled).

For the moment the archive mostly contains Brian Sanchez's excellent DarkSun maps, though we are hosting a few maps made by others as well. If you would like to join the guild by contributing a map, please contact our guild archivist.

Note that some maps may contradict other maps. The reasons may be many. Perhaps one map is Sorcerer-King propaganda, and another holds the truth; perhaps the map-maker was not as experienced as they believe, allowed their imagination to fill in the blanks, or was misled (or deliberately misleading). To find the truth, you will have to explore our world for yourself.

For those looking for just the maps, clicking on the thumbnail graphic next to the links will pull up a decently sized JPG or PNG made from the PSD files for that region.

Most of you will want the JPG or PNG versions.

For those wanting to alter or expand the existing maps, you will want the Photoshop (PSD) files. You can obtain those by clicking on the section name in the left-hand column. Take note that the PSD versions are very large files meant for production work and high-quality printing: they are multi-layered, 300dpi, and created for Adobe Photoshop, so you will need Photoshop installed to use them. Don't download these if you just want the maps.

Please feel free to download, alter, and share your creations with the rest of the DarkSun community on the message boards at

Finally, if you would like to mirror the archive, you notice any problems with the links or files, or you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.

File Description Size
Basic Mapping Necessities This file contains the brush set, map symbols, color palette, distance scale, and map compass used with the maps. 186 kb
Tutorial Brian's notes on how to make use of the above tools and map-making. 44 kb
Papyrus Font The font used on the maps. 160 kb
Base Map This is the base image file used to map new sections of the world. Nothing but silt, baby. 2.37 Mb
Planetary Overview This map has separate layers for the Blue, Green, and Brown ages of Athas, showing how the planet's face has changed. 2.96 Mb
This zip contains all the files from the five downloads above: Basic Mapping Necessities, Brian's tutorial, the Papyrus Font, the Base Map, and the Planetary Overview composite. 10.9 Mb
Photoshop .zip JPG/PNG Grid Area Size
Western Penninsula
A4 11.6 Mb
GNS North
B3 15.7 Mb
World's Edge
B4 17.3 Mb
World's Edge
B5 14.1 Mb
Brown Lands
B6-C6 21.5 Mb
Brown Lands v2
B6-C6 16.7 Mb
Drake's Tail Penninsula
B7-B8 16.1 Mb
World's Crown
C1 15.5 Mb
GNS North
C2 15.5 Mb
GNS South v2
C3 16.4 Mb
Central Kreen Empire
C4 14.5 Mb
Southern Kreen Lands
C5 15.5 Mb
Western Deadlands
C6 19.2 Mb
Southern Penninsula North
C8 16.3 Mb
Southern Penninsula South
C9 13.5 Mb
Cthuul Jungles
D2 15.9 Mb
Iron Crags
D3 22.8 Mb
Tyr Valley The Tyr Valley and Last Sea regions
--see official boxed sets--
D5 --
Tyr Valley - Green Age
D5 23.5 Mb
Trembling Plains
D4 39.7 Mb
Trembling Plains - Lost Cities
PSD included in .zip of D4 region.
D4 - Lost Cities -- Mb
Northern Canyon Lands
E2 19 Mb
Anattan Wastes
E5 24.3 Mb
The Sundered Region (PNG only)
E5 partial 1.6 Mb
The Northern Cauldron
G6 19.3 Mb
The Southern Cauldron
G7 16 Mb


Map above is copyright (c)1998 Steve Bell

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